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Bodegas Zugóber - BELEZOS

Bodegas Zugóber - BELEZOS

To talk about our winery is to talk about us – our family, our dreams and our story. In 1987, we were captivated by this rugged terrain and the old vines of Rioja Alavesa, sheltered from the extreme cold by the Sierra Cantabria and gazing southwards with the sun as a true ally. A unique and privileged place in which to create Bodegas Zugober. Our family has grown and our children, who share our passion for this land, carry its soul within them.

Our family’s wine-making tradition has its roots in Jerez, reaching as far back as 1898. Maribel grew up in an environment dedicated to the vines cultivated by her grandparents. The inherited wisdom resulting from this, the studies undertaken in Bordeaux and a gift for innovation have all inspired Belezos.

There is one more thing that differentiates us. We are a family winery devoted to producing a select number of truly great quality wines. Everything together, from the terroir, the vines and the expertise of the makers goes into creating exceptional wines, each one with its own particular story to tell.

Each wine has its personality; each Belezos wine is the fruit of a dream. We and our wines have continued to grow together. We began by making contemporary, edgy wines that stood out from the D.O.Ca Rioja crowd and later we added a range of more traditional wines. In recent years we have returned to our innovative roots.

Now, in Belezos, two different wine ranges co-exist; our classic wines, wines of origen and our estate wines – all exceptional.

Our sons, Manuel and Kerman, have inherited our passion for the world of wine and have brought a freshness and candour of youth to our new creations; wines with as much personality as the estates they come from.

I hope that you will come and visit us, taste our wines, share our passion for what we do and for our way of life and simply enjoy a special moment in the warmest of company.