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Family winery, located in the municipality of Arenzana de Abajo, 5 km from Nájera, which produces only grapes from their own vineyards, controlling the entire process from the cultivation of the vine, to the production, aging and bottling of the wine.

Built in 2003, in a vineyard of ten hectares, overlooking the Najerilla River. It consists of two floors equipped with the most modern facilities.

The processing and aging facilities are located on the semi-basement floor:

- Stainless steel tanks, in which the fermentation takes place, controlling the temperature by means of a cold equipment.

- French, american and other oak barrels, in which the wine ages, for a minimum period of one year, acquiring aromas and flavors transmitted by the tannins of the wood.

- Old-age wine cellar, where wine continues to evolve until its labeling.

The ground floor concentrates the bottling and labeling line, the storage area and a social and retail area.