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Bodegas Óbalo
Territorio Rioja Alta Ábalos

Bodegas Óbalo

Bodegas Obalo is born in 2006 in the heart of Sierra Cantabria, a unique location that was considered to be perfect because of the great quality of its vineyards.

In addition to this priviledged location that could be considered the best winemaking area in Spain, due to its position sheltered by Sierra Cantabria, as to its soils, there are some other very positive factor such as the close relationship that Bodegas Obalo keeps with the winegrowers in the region. All these circumstances are key to achieve the main objective in Bodegas Obalo which is to elaborate the great wines that can be produced in this area.

The bodega is located right at the border of La Rioja Alta, although most of its vineyards are distributed throughout Rioja Alavesa. The modern architecture with harmonious square lines and its practical and innovative facilities give away the youth of this bodega. However, it does not ignore the winemaking tradition of La Rioja, which it draws from thanks to the close relationship it has with winegrowers in the region.

From its vantage points, you can see the privileged setting in which it is immersed, a unique landscape with an imposing mountain range in the north and a sea of vines in the south.