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Bodega Bello Berganzo

Bodega Bello Berganzo

A winery is, in addition to a building, everything that can not be seen inside or outside of it. A winery is the story that speaks of traditions, of efforts, of sweat and sometimes, why not, also of tears. A story of union with the earth beyond survival, fear of the elements and the emotion of each vintage. It is the story of a newly created wine, which begins to be tasted at the foot of the vineyard, bathed in sunshine and with the first bunch of grapes in hand.

Marino Bello and Isabel Berganzo, could never imagine that from those humble vineyards of their ancestors, we, their three children, could get build a winery that today positions its wines among the most appreciated.

A multitude of awards and a very faithful clientele guarantee our daily effort. We are proud of our heritage, and of our genes, rooted in this land as if we ourselves were part of the vineyards. And our children will also inherit a thousand-year-old culture that, although it evolves day by day, continues digging in the humidity of the earth, crushing the grapes, fighting against the elements and searching tirelessly for a nuance that surprises, a little more, our senses, as our grandparents did.

Join us through our winery and vineyards and we will show you how we make our wines... depending on the period of the year, you will see the different varieties we grow, their pruning, or how fermentation takes place.

And to end this walk through winemaking, what better than a snack and a tasting of our wines...

For business meetings, groups of friends, family celebrations... taste our wines together with the best recipes of the Rioja Alavesa gastronomy.