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San Asensio
Rioja Alta

San Asensio

The historic quarter of San Asensio is one of the best conserved in La Rioja, as its buildings still have the gates, coats of arms and coffered ceilings of the era in which they were built.

The winemaking tradition is maintained thanks to the presence of several wineries in the town, the first (and oldest) being set up in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

The municipality has a museum called La Vista, a sensorial centre for appreciating wine that offers a new angle on winemaking through images and audiovisuals. It organises courses, presentations and tasting sessions and is located in a refurbished building in the Barrio de las Bodegas (neighbourhood of the wineries).

Clima Oceánico
Altitud 530 m
Superficie 32,33 km²
Puntos de interés

Iglesia de la Ascensión

Santuario de Santa María de la Estrella

Castillo de Davalillo

Museo de La Vista