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Villalba de Rioja
Rioja Alta

Villalba de Rioja

Villalba de Rioja is a village located on the southern slopes of the Obarenes mountains, right on the border of the provinces of Álava and Burgos.

It is separated from Miranda de Ebro by a short mountain track.

The Esperamalo stream, a tributary of the River Ebro, runs through the village.

A notable landmark is the monument to the cyclist Álvaro Fernández, with some verses from María Piedad Mendizábal on it: “If you are lucky enough to ride through my Rioja one day...

During the hunting season you can find a wide range of species such as partridges, rabbits, quail, hares and roe deer.

Climate Oceánico
Altitude 561 m
Area 8,96 km²
Points of interest

Iglesia de San Pelayo

Ermita de la Virgen de los Remedios

Palacios de los Ruiz del Castillo y de Cirac