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Experiencia foodie
Territory Rioja Alta

Experiencia foodie

Disfruta de una visita a nuestra bodega familiar de mano de Roberto y Laura quienes desde el viñedo os enseñarán las particularidades de sus elaboraciones catando vinos desde la barrica y maridando una botella de vino seleccionado con una selección de 5 tapas y un postre todo ellos km. 0 (tosta de monte, queso de cabra con nueces, preñao riojano picante, pinto de tortilla de huevos camperos, humus con pimentón almendrados caseros con almendra ecológica de La Rioja).

About the winery

We are a family winery in the DOCa Rioja that seeks quality in its wines.

Completely family winery, based on quality wines located in the heart of the Rioja Alta.

Two generations, father and son, make wines with different styles.

We select different vineyards, looking for a unique style, marked by the soil, altitude, sun exposure, vinifying them separately and then assembling our wines in the image and likeness.

There is always the desire to offer a typical Riojan style, without imitating successful wine models from other parts of the world.

Our wines taste like Rioja. Elegance and quality above all. Oak wood is fundamental in our elaborations, and in all our wines it is present to a greater or lesser extent.

We are a small, family winery, with values, which is committed to quality.