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Our family began to make wine in 1723. It was then that we signed a pact with the land. Fourteen generations later the Carcar family continue to care for the land while guided by the same values established by our ancestors.

It is our conviction that wine is, in fact, “made” in the vineyard by the application of effort and knowledge acquired over many generations. This explains why our wines possess such character. Above all else, we respect the land and the quality of the grapes as we consider these to be key to being able to offer unique wines.

We are totally committed to sustainable outcomes. We take the natural rhythm of the plants into account and rely on the support of the ecosystem to avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We only use natural fertilizers many of which are made from cuttings, etc. from the vines themselves.

We take great care to harvest the grapes just at the point of ripeness. The grapes are collected and sorted manually in order minimize the handling between vine and bottle.

This approach always gives exceptional results.