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BELELUIN is the acronym of four sisters: Belinda, Elena, Luisa and Inmaculada, heirs of the family winery tradition and joined since 2009 in a project that recovers the experience and taste for the development of a good Rioja wine.

Come visit us! Located in Alcanadre, a small town in the Rioja on the banks of the Ebro that has its main economic activity in viticulture, we have 35 hectares of DOCa Rioja vineyards, located between 320 and 550 meters above sea level, in predominantly clayey and calcareus soil.

In general we obtain aromatic wines, well structured and balanced in the mouth, with a good acidity that gives freshness and liveliness in the mouth and guarantees a long life to the wine.

In our Selection we use the best selected grapes to create a new concept of author wine. The wine is aged in 100% french oak barrels for at least 12 months and depending on the vintage for up to 18 months.

The building of our current winery is built on the century-old family winery. In the basement we find the old "Calados" where the wine rests completely isolated and ages naturally between 13º and 15ºC at constant temperature and humidity.

The "Calado" is the only vestige of the old winery, reformed by the grandfather Dimas in 1935. We have added to the old part stainless steel tanks with modern systems of individual temperature control and pumping in order to increase the accuracy of the processes.