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Rioja Oriental


Alcanadre is located on the banks of the River Ebro 32 km east of Logroño, 25 km west of Calahorra, 4 km south of Lodosa and 8 km north of Ausejo.

Throughout history, it has seen the passage of Roman boats from the border stone that separates it across the river from Lodosa to Mendavia, Aradón and Arrúbal.

The aqueduct of Alcanadre also served as a secondary road, as it linked Irache to Arnedo. Not far from the first-named, it carried water as far as Calahorra, and remains of this roadway have been found at nearby sites at La Laguna and Valseca.

The village also has a railway station, served by a number of local trains.

Clima Mediterráneo continental
Altitud 348 m
Superficie 31,08 km²
Puntos de interés

Iglesia de Santa María

Sendero de Aradón

Camino natural del Ebro

Ruta del vino

Camino de Santiago

Acueducto romano Puente Moros