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Daroca de Rioja
Rioja Alta

Daroca de Rioja

From the enclave of Daroca de Rioja, located at the lowest point on the right bank of the River Mayor, you can see a long stretch of the River Ebro, and also the Pyrenees mountain range in the distance.

Its economy is based on agriculture, stockbreeding and hunting. In terms of services there is a restaurant, a country guest house and some tourist and rural apartments.

The agricultural sector in Daroca de Rioja consists of 19 hectares of vineyards, some cereal and forage fields and small family allotments where an extensive irrigation system has been installed.

As for stockbreeding, there are two beef/dairy farms and a flock of sheep and goats.

Clima Oceánico
Altitud 726 m
Superficie 11,29 km²
Puntos de interés

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio

Ermita de San Lorenzo

Moral de Daroca de Rioja

Barranco del Colorado

Sierra del Moncalvillo