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19 de April de 2023

Harvest 2013

Clasificación Good
Vino calificado / Millones de litros 251,44
Tinto / Millones de litros 223,71
Blanco / Millones de litros 14,91
Rosado / Millones de litros 12,82
Harvest 2013

Grapes picked: 368,4 millons kilograms

The Control Board of D.O.Ca. Rioja has officially rated the 2013 vintage ‘Good’. Marked by unusual weather conditions, the 2013 vintage was successfully managed thanks to the know-how and expertise of Rioja’s grape growers and winemakers. The heterogeneity of the wines yielded by the harvest provided sufficient volumes to cover the needs of all ageing categories and the average value reflects the predominance of good quality wines.

The last grapes of the D.O.Ca. Rioja 2013 harvest were picked on 8 November and the Control Board Inspection and Control Service officially closed the most delayed harvest in recent history. It was also one of the smallest, with a total of 368.42 million kg of grapes. This is slightly more than the 355 million kg of grapes of the 2012 vintage but much lower than the current production potential of the D.O.Ca. Rioja. It was a difficult year for grape producers. The 2013 vintage growing cycle had weather patterns that were quite different to those of previous years. Heavy spring rains and low temperatures delayed the growing season and resulted in uneven ripening.

Fortunately, the risk posed by the two-to-three week delay was offset by prevailing good weather in September and October allowing for selective, staggered grape picking, so plots were harvested as the grapes reached appropriate ripeness, thereby optimising fruit quality. With such a demanding growing season, Rioja growers had to make full use of their expertise, showing how well prepared they are to deal with situations as complex as this late vintage and get the most of it, to the intense satisfaction of the winemakers.