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Visit 5 star Casa Primicia

Visit 5 star Casa Primicia

Visit 5 star Casa Primicia

Complete Premium visit to our winery. A unique opportunity to learn about the true history of wine from the heart of Laguardia, Casa Primicia is the oldest civil building in this town and its walls and cellars keep our most emblematic wines. The tasting at the end of the winery includes a tasting of these award-winning and internationally recognized wines. Casa Primicia Blanco

Casa Primicia Gr (Graciano)
Carravalseca Crianza
Julián Madrid (Family Reserve)
Cofradia (Reserve)

Sobre la bodega

Casa de la Primicia, the oldest building in the town of Laguardia, is the place where the church from the fifteenth century collected tithes, a tax that forced the serfs to pay a tenth of the harvest (including grapes) and the first fruits. More than five hundred years later, a viticulturist from Laguardia, Julián Madrid, rescues Casa Primicia from history, returning to elaborate wine in the ashlar stone lakes. With the pioneering spirit of Julián Madrid, Bodegas Casa Primicia was born.