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Tasting visit / lunch
Territorio Rioja Alta Hormilleja

Tasting visit / lunch

At Bodegas Ayagar you can enjoy, after a visit to the winery, a tasting of our wines, accompanied by a selection of traditional and typical Riojan pinchos. We are a family winery, so it is important to book in advance both the day and the dishes that will make up the tasting menu."

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Ayagar, has its beginnings in 2004, located in the historic town of Hormilleja, whose ancestral cultivation of the vine has been an unforgettable memory for this town in the chimneys of the caves carved into the rock and many meters deep that was and is currently stored the wine that each neighbor produced. According to the documentation, the land of Hormilleja is considered one of the most privileged areas for the production of vines, being a reason more than enough to create the First Winery to sell wines with Denomination of Origin Rioja in the town of Hormilleja and demonstrate the great quality of their wines. Its facilities have modern advances in the world of wine that mixed with their good work and a lot of respect towards the grape, turn our wines into WINES WITH SOULS.

Coincidentally, there is a place where feeling good and making others happy is not so difficult, you just have to visit us and... check that it is very close to you.

A place where meetings with your friends, work, and family are a reason for assured success and whose views will captivate you with their colors.

Visit our Winery Restaurant, in HORMILLEJA and check it out.

BODEGAS AYAGAR has a large dining room, whose cuisine stands out mainly for its typical Riojan dishes.

You can also visit the old cave or old cellar, where you will discover a past of wine that will reach your heart.