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Microbodega of artisan wines. We work with traditional, native, minority grapes in the Iregua Valley area.

Our small project arose with the idea of ​​making wine in Alberite (Rioja Oriental), a municipality in the Iregua Valley where people have traditionally dedicated themselves to viticulture but not to making their own wines. 

In 2018 we wanted to change that and produced just 400 bottles of our wine Víctor Ausejo Viticultor Garnacha Blanca Fermented in Barrel in a determined commitment to get away from the ubiquitous Tempranillo and value the area, its vineyards and minority varieties.

Since then we have continued with this philosophy, expanding our range and producing red and white single varietals from traditional grapes that are scarce today in Rioja, with which we try to convey the identity of our territory and our way of understanding wine.

“We seek to make wines with our own style that transmit the identity of our territory”