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Bodegas y Viñedos ARRANZ – ARGOTE
Territorio Rioja Alta Navarrete

Bodegas y Viñedos ARRANZ – ARGOTE

BODEGAS Y VIÑEDOS ARRANZ - ARGOTE we are two partners. Between the two of us we carry out all the work, starting with the work in the vineyard, going through all the processes of the winery, continuing with the commercialization, making presentations and giving guided tastings of our wine wherever our distributors require us and finishing with the design and the contents of our web page. Being the smallest and most unknown winery in La Rioja, it is another element of our charm, as the few who until now have had the privilege of discovering and tasting our wine testify.

In 2001, Carlos J. Arranz and Daniel F. - Argote made the decision to create this project, which has now become a reality. With this we return to the family tradition linked to the terroir and vine cultivation that had already been carried out in the past by Carlos' great-grandfather together with Daniel's grandfather.

Carlos contributed part of the old vineyards and the oenological knowledge acquired in his degree. The other part of old vineyards and the old family winery were contributed by Daniel.

With all this, plus the passion for the wine culture that united us, together with the effort of many hours of personal, family and economic sacrifices, we were able to create BODEGAS Y VIÑEDOS ARRANZ - ARGOTE.

This is how the wine that is sold under the ARAR brand was born, being the origin of the name of the brand the contraction of the two surnames of the partners Arranz and Argote.


Before choosing the type of Visit / Tasting, study the possibility of requesting your membership card from our ARAR Club and enjoy all its advantages, including the fact that your Visits / Tastings are Free!

If you do not want to register in our Club ARAR, choose between one of the three options of Visit with Tasting in our Winery. When you have already chosen, book your visit.


The Vineyard of the Riojan Lands is characterized by creating one of the best wines in the world, which they are internationally recognized.

In ARRANZ - ARGOTE Wineries and Vineyards, we have also created a Wine Therapy Cosmetic Line, which is sold under our Vinotherapy ARAR brand.

With this, Bodegas y Viñedos ARRANZ -ARGOTE, has become the first and only winery in La Rioja that has created and commercialized its own brand of Cosmetics.