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Territorio Rioja Oriental Alfaro




The Ebro and the hills

Climate and work

The forest of Yerga, the imprint of history

Vineyards in the landscape

Four generations and the vision of José Palacios Remondo

The character of the wines of this estate is a complex sum, a singular achievement built up over the course of time on the foundations of a winegrowing culture that stretches back more than 2,000 years.

Century after century, Alfaro —Iberian Ilurcis, known as Graccurris by the Romans— has witnessed the coming of merchants, pilgrims, conquerors and monks. All of them left their mark in some way, and the culture of wine has proved to be one of the most important legacies to have endured and evolved in this land.

The hills of the Yerga range enclose the valley of the Ebro to the south. On these heights the first Cístercian monastery in Spain was established, and spread over their lower slopes are the 100 hectares of La Montesa and Valmira.

Under a sky that brings scant rain —barely 360 litres per year— the rough stony soil of the region knows how to retain just the right amount of moisture. A little higher up, rising toward the sierra’s summit, the air is heady with the scents of the oakwood, thyme, fennel, the tang of pine and the aromatic sweetness of rosemary.

Nature, the weight of human presence, the continued and continuing effort of tilling the soil, obstacles and achievements: our family has shared to the full in the last 150 years of accumulated wisdom of the vine and its cultivation. In this special history the name of José Palacios Remondo, our father, occupies a place of honour.

At the perfect moment, José Palacios Remondo brought the different elements together and united the tangible and the intangible with a vision: to produce wines of an essential quality. With this philosophy he worked the vines, planting the finest local varieties of grape, and educated the current directors of the firm in the most reputed schools of enology and viticulture.

The character of Palacios Remondo today is proud to own its debt to this spirit, and looks to the future with a renewed passion.