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Bodegas Nivarius
Territorio Rioja Alta Nalda

Bodegas Nivarius

Palacios Vinos de Finca is a project that defines itself. Behind him is a personal name, with cradle in La Rioja, and a clear objective towards the production of wines whose grapes come from a single farm or plot. It's that simple. It is also the sum of three wineries that are also defined in a very natural way. Nivarius, is the first winery in Rioja that elaborates whites, recovering almost disappeared varieties. Proelio stands out for its vineyards in height and facing north, cold conditions with which very personal reds are obtained. And Trus faithfully represents the origin of a denomination like Ribera del Duero, where the vine expresses itself more than anywhere else through the land that sustains it.

Nivarius means 'snowfield', a natural well where snow is preserved all year round. If it names our wines, it is because our vineyards are 800 meters above sea level and facing north. Due to the low temperature, our grapes stand out for their acidity, freshness and fruity character, keys for the quality of the singular white wines. Nivarius is the first winery in the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin that elaborates quality white wines entirely. It is what makes us different. It is what makes us unique.

In Nivarius quality arises and depends on the earth. Our premises are respect for the environment and a taste for nature. Our vineyards are a sample that collects all the white varieties authorized in the DOCa Rioja. The characterization of our soils allows us to divide each farm into small plots and each of these into microterroirs with their own characteristics that will transmit to our grapes. Our concern is to keep in the cellar all the character that the vineyard and the land give them.

The whole process of elaboration in Nivarius is thought for white wines. To achieve the quality we seek and based on soil studies, we vinify each small plot separately. We get exactly what we want from our wines.