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TORRE SAN MILLAN was born out of the efforts of the Martínez Family; built in the likeness of the surrounding buildings and equipped with a complete vintage equipment.

The name of their wines "GORREBUSTO" is a tribute to the town that sees them being born and is what the town was called in the 12th century.

Like their ancestors, the family manually collects the grapes, trying to unite traditional viticulture with modern and natural winemaking, being the result of all this effort their GORREBUSTO wines.

At Bodega Torre San Millán we believe in respect for viticulture, knowing our vineyards and interpreting them in order to achieve the highest qualities in our wines, from a manual harvest, through the development of a traditional viticulture in our vineyards, elaborations and crianzas taken care of and controlled.

So the development and coexistence between traditional viticulture and new techniques of modern production make the winery is constantly evolving.

The distribution of the winery consists of two floors, a first level where we make the entry and elaboration of our wines, a second underground level where we carry out the aging of our wines in french and american oak barrels and where they finally refine in the bottle. A third level above the elaboration one serves as a tasting room.