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Visita Clásica a Bodegas Fernández de Piérola
Territory Rioja Alavesa

Visita Clásica a Bodegas Fernández de Piérola

About the winery

he Fernández de Piérola winery was founded in 1996 with the aim of producing quality wines with a personality different from the standardized taste of most Rioja wines. With these two objectives in mind, we established our small family winery, from the family vineyards we own in Moreda (Rioja Alavesa), a traditional winemaking region.

Our winery philosophy lies in the production of high quality wines with a profile which contains truly remarkable characteristics. Vineyards are considered as essential factors as regards quality, not to mention oenological techniques, so as to achieve structured, full-bodied and powerful wines, where aromas from Tempranillo meet those obtained after a patient ageing process to create complex, intense, elegant wines.

In conformity with the quality and distinction of our wine, we have presented it in a new bottle in Rioja and we would say that in the rest of wine zones of Spain, which differs from the rest in which it is slightly more slender, with a "flared" end of mouth, which reduces the problem of the drip in the service, and in addition he appears without capsule in order that the consumers or prescriptores of the wine, could see and therefore know the condition of conservation of the cork and take the measurements that they consider to be pertinent.