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Nowadays, Bodegas El Cidacos is one of the largest wine companies of Rioja ( production volume is over 3 million bottles per year) maintaining the status of family business and following family traditions.

Since 1839 any generation of the Perez-AMrzo family have been engaged in winemarking.  In the second half of the XIX century they supplied the Royal Court which was officially proved by the certificate granted in the reign of Queen Maria-Cristina.

In 1958 they settled in the most prestigious wine region of Spain - Rioja, where the winery was built.

A privileged location of the winery ( practically on the border of Rioja Alta and Rioja Baja) allows combining grapes from different areas to produce wine in individual but at the same time classical fro Rioja style.

A significant part of the company's vineyards consists of old vines ( over 35 years) with naturally low crop yield ( only about 2.5 kg of berries per vine) which has an impact on the style of Bodegas El Cidacos's wines, especially of Crianza and Reserva categories.

All steps of production are under strict control which includes double selection of grapes after gathering, thorough regulation of fermentation and stabilization temperature, constant monitoring of wine quality while ageing and use of the state-of-art equipment of the filling lines.

Bodegas El Cidacos's success is largely due to the fact that the company has a flexible differentiated approach to production management.  Each year the winemaking process can be corrected at any step depending on climate conditions, grape quality and market enviroment to achieve best possible quality of the final product.

During the last years Bodegas El Cidacos has been actively development its export segment: wine is exported to Russia, Europe, The USA, China.