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Rioja Manzanos Tour
Territorio Rioja Alta Haro

Rioja Manzanos Tour

Rioja Manzanos Tour

A proposal that will allow us to combine two visits to learn about the history of Rioja wines. The tour can begin at Bodegas Berceo, enjoying a historic winery located in the center of Haro, representative of the best tradition of Rioja wines. From Haro we will go to Azagra, the flagship winery of the Manzanos group, a modern establishment that points to the future. We will have time to get to know the wines of both wineries and appreciate the different expressions of Tempranillo depending on the area, have a fun aperitif of pinchos and enjoy a tasting menu at the Mirador de Barricas Restaurant.

Sobre la bodega

The verticality at the service of the oldest winery in the city of Haro, inspired in the cradle of the Spanish language

It is the oldest winery in the city of Haro since 1801. Currently, Bodegas Manzanos Haro houses the building of the old Bodegas Berceo as well as the Palacio de Tejada from 1733, which is located just 50 meters from la Paz square in Haro.

The winery is placed in the underground galleries of the old castle of Haro, that dates back to the middle ages. Regarding the wine making process, it is based on the traditional European experience and also in the techniques of the new world. The combination of both and the decision of our technical team make these wine´s personality.