Maturana Blanca - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Maturana Blanca

It is the oldest grape variety to have a written record in Rioja. It is mentioned in a text dating to 1622. It is a fairly fertile variety with small clusters and small, elliptical grapes. It is also precocious in all stages of development. Unfortunately, it is very sensitive to grey rot.

The most outstanding characteristics of Maturana Blanca are its low pH and high acidity, high tartaric acid levels and low potassium levels. These characteristics compensate the high alcohol levels that this variety can reach. Sensorial assessment results are positive. Maturana Blanca wines have been described as greenish-yellow, with fruity aromas of apples, bananas and citrus fruits, and herbal notes. Light yet balanced on the palate, with tangy sensations and a slightly bitter finish of medium persistence.