Garnacha tinta - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Garnacha Tinta

This grape variety native to Spain is the most extensively grown variety in the world. In Rioja, it complements the Tempranillo with its aromas and freshness. With good extract and alcoholic strength, its wines vary depending on environmental conditions (temperature) and tending practices (production). In warm areas, it produces the kind of wine that has given it its reputation as a rugged grape but in cool areas it produces very interesting, well-balanced wines, particularly rosés.

Prone to shatter, this is nonetheless a hardy plant, able to withstand periods of drought, and also fairly resistant to pests and major vine diseases such as grape rust mite and powdery mildew; hence its popularity among growers. Synonymies found in ampelographic collections around the world include: Abundante, Alicante, Cannonaddu, Cannonaddu Nieddu, Cannonao, Cannonau Selvaggio, Canonazo, Carignane Rosso, Garnaccho Negro, Garnatxa País, Gironet, Granaccia, Granaxa, Grenache Rouge, Lladoner, Retagliad Nieddu, Rivesaltes, Rousillon Tinto, Rousillon, Tinto Aragonés, Tinto Navalcarnero, Uva di Spagna.