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14 de February de 2020

Welcome to the Rioja Wine Academy


As a result of the great demand we were witnessing for the Certified Educator course, in 2019 it was decided to take a step further and create a new educational tool, not only to enhance the existing platform but also to provide an opportunity to expand our range of training and thus reach a larger audience.

As a result, we are pleased to inform you that RIOJA WINE ACADEMY (RWA) has been created.

This is an online bilingual educational platform that will be made up of several courses focusing on different student profiles.


  • Rioja Wine Diploma: focusing on anyone who wishes to learn more about the world of Rioja and acquire precise knowledge of the virtues, distinguishing traits and factors that influence the characteristics of the wines of our region. Fully online course, free of charge and with unlimited places.
  • Diploma in Rioja Wine for Trade and Distribution: its purpose will be not only to enable people to acquire knowledge of Rioja, its distinguishing traits and characteristics, but also to understand its wines and establish the bases for its sales and marketing by means of a market launch plan. Fully online course, free of charge and with unlimited places.
  • Diploma in Rioja Wine Tourism: aimed at anyone who wishes to obtain comprehensive training on Rioja and wine tourism (implementation of experiences, activities, customer service, situation management, wine and tasting services, etc.). Fully online course, free of charge and with unlimited places.
  • Rioja Wine Certified Educator: a course focused on everyone with at least two years’ proven experience in the educational and training fields, enabling them to expand their knowledge and the rigour of their training discourse when it comes to conveying and explaining what Rioja is and why it constitutes a benchmark in terms of high-quality wines. The enrolment dates will be from 11th to 27th February 2020 and the short-listing of the candidates will be performed following these dates. Those who are short listed will have to undergo a Skype interview with members of the CR team during the first week of March, and 25 participants will finally be chosen to take the course.


** This course will include an online section and a classroom-based section in English (during the last week of June/early July) as in previous years, and it will be obligatory to pass an exam and hand in an end-of-course project on a topic indicated by the Regulatory Council within the established deadlines. In addition, the qualification will be awarded following an undertaking given by the course participant at the beginning of the course to train a certain number of people within two years so as to officially maintain said qualification.

Thank you very much again for your interest. If you have any queries from now on, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at

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