Circular 9/2017. Mandatory rules in the transfer of musts and movement of wines during the harvest - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Circular 9/2017. Mandatory rules
in the transfer of musts
and movement of wines 
during the harvest

The Control Board has been taking site samples of wines after fermentation for classification purposes, in accordance with the Standards for classifying wines entitled to the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja. As a result, operators may not carry out any transfer of must or wine from the 2017 vintage until they have submitted their Harvest Affidavit and the result of the verification of certifications has been processed.

Nonetheless, the Control Board is aware of the special characteristics of the production of white and rosé wines and the influence of a specific and defined technology, which may affect in a decisive way the quality of these wines, and may authorise only the transfer of white and rosé musts when there is technical evidence for quality improvement and the receiving winery has suitable technical means.

To this purpose, the transfer authorisation and the technical justification thereof must be requested in writing. It is mandatory to have a copy of the authorisation in the vehicle that carries out the transfer.

This authorisation will be issued exclusively for the vinification of white and rosé wines that will be controlled from the source winery and will be subject in the destination winery to the verification of the certification of the Control Board. Only white must may be used to make white wines and the rosé must to make rosé wines.

The Control Board Empowered Overseers Service shall take appropriate steps to better control and monitor such transfers, and these steps will be indicated in the relevant authorisation.

The following minimum losses shall be discounted from purchased musts and applied to the buyer:

  • 1% loss for settled musts
  • 4% loss for non-settled musts

The shipping winery will be deducted from the respective protected wine, depending on the processed grapes, the amount equivalent to the wine sold, that is, the amount withdrawn minus 1% or 4%, depending on whether the must is settled or not.

When both parties, seller and buyer, agree to higher losses for the buying party, the Control Board shall be notified together with the transfer request and will apply the agreed percentages.

Should you have any queries, we advise you to contact the Control Board Empowered Overseers Service by phone, 941 500 400.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.

Logroño, 18 August 2017.


Pablo Franco Sarria