Circular 6/1980. Requirements for the presentation of labels - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Circular 6/1980. Requisitos
para la presentación de etiquetas

With relative frequency, the Control Board receives labels to market Rioja wines that do not comply with requirements, causing delays in their submission to the Standing Committee or the Control Board and we would like to remind you of the decision of 11 September 1975, notified through circular 59/75.

It is absolutely necessary that, when submitting a trade name, brand, advertising legend, etc., to be authorised by this Organisation, attached thereto should be a photocopy of its registration in the Industrial Property Registry to the name of the Rioja winery.

Now, as we know perfectly well that these registrations require various procedures that take place over a period of time incompatible with the commercial flexibility that Rioja wineries often require, the Control Board will admit the presentation of labels with the trade names or trademarks, provided that they are accompanied by a photocopy of evidence that their registration in the Industrial Property Registry has been requested.


Logroño, 1 February 1980

The President of the Control Board.



Eugenio Narvaiza