Circular 4/2013. Wine transfer request - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Circular 4/2013. Wine transfer

From 1 July 2013, movements of bulk certified wine within the production area will be subject to the Electronic Waybill (e-WB), which replaces the former hard copy waybill used to date in which the Control Board stamped a text and seal certifying the Designation of Origin. This obligation will also be extended to finished product circulating in national territory with a bonded warehouse as destination, although in this case it will not be necessary to certify the origin, as is this done on the bottle back labels or seals attached to the bottles.

The conditions of implementation of the movement control system with electronic support requires that the preparation and certificate of origin must be done immediately prior to the shipment, so no a priori intermediation by the Control Board is possible.

Consequently, fulfilling the obligations currently in force, relating to the certification of the designation of origin, will be carried out by the operator that issues the protected wine, that is, the seller, filling in space number 10 of the e-WB.

Content and spaces to be completed in the e-WB

  • Space: 10 a : 1
  • Space: 10 b : “This document has the value of a certificate of the PDO No. PDO-ES-A0117 of the E-Bacchus Register, in accordance with authorisation no. …………. (author. transfer)”
  • Space: 10 c : Authorisation date.
  • Space: 10 d : DOCa Rioja Control Board.


The procedure established by the Control Board for the transfer of wines in bulk is as follows:

  • The interested firm, i.e., the buyer, will request authorisation in writing, signed by an officer, indicating the details of the seller and buyer, quantity of wine, date of transfer and transport vehicles.
  • The transferred amount may not exceed the authorised amount by more than 10% and as long as the issuing warehouse has available stock. When the amount exceeds 10%, a request for extension will be sent.
  • In order to comply with the authorisation procedure, it is necessary to have the transfer request in the Control Board at least before 9 am on the previous day.

In the case of bulk shipments of non-protected wine, the requirements to be completed will be the same, although the authorisation will be requested by the seller or shipper, to which must be added the need for a previous telephone call, at the moment immediately prior to the expedition of each shipment.


Content and spaces to be completed in the e-WB

  • Box 12 l) “Expedition of bulk non-protected wine (authorisation number ………….)

(Do not complete space 10)


  • With the monthly reporting of movements and inventories, or in the absence of the obligation to carry it out, in the first ten days of the following month, printed copies of the electronic accompanying documents that have been prepared will be sent to the Control Board, duly identified.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.


Logroño, 20 May 2013.




Domingo Rodrigo Martínez