Circular 24/1997. Rules of the Regulations that affect Viticulture - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Circular 24/1997. Rules of the
Regulations that affect Viticulture

The Control Board Plenary, in its session held on 12 December 1997, decided to remind the growers of some aspects of the Regulations that directly affect them and in which some deviations have been observed, such as:

Planting layout:

Official Circular No. 23/97. The planting layout must have a minimum density of 2,850 vines per hectare.

Permitted grape varieties

The varieties authorised in the DOCa Rioja are:

  • Red varieties, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo, Graciano and
  • White varieties, Viura, Malvasía and Garnacha Blanca.

All registered growers are reminded that the variety known as “Graciano de Alfaro” is not authorised for Rioja wines, therefore the plantations of this variety will not be registered in the Register of Vineyards.

Authorised pruning systems

  1. Bush or en vaso system and its variants with a maximum of 12 buds per on a maximum of six spurs.
  2. Trellised or espaliered, if it is the Guyot rod and spur system, it must have a maximum of 10 buds/vine, distributed between the rod and 1 or 2 spurs with two buds; and, if it is double cordon, a maximum of 12 buds/vine on a maximum of 6 spurs.
  3. For the Garnacha variety, all systems will have a maximum of 14 buds per vine.

It should be clear that the limitation of the maximum number of buds authorised per vine is mandatory regardless of plantation density or pruning system


Logroño, 19 December 1997.