Circular 1/2017. Monthly Exports statement - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Circular 1/2017. Monthly
Exports statement

On June 8, 1990, the Control Board approved a declaration form and the obligation of monthly remittance using it. It is a report on Rioja wine consignments marketed outside of Spain with the following information: destination; type of wine;  vintage; category; litres; price/litre and brand.

With the aim of having information that is as accurate as possible, it is necessary to insist that all wineries report in a timely manner on operations outside Spain, so that the consolidated data that is subsequently distributed is of real use.

Many operators currently use the “MOVIN” program to carry out administrative control and use it to report to the Control Board. All the operators that use the program should use it to send the information on export sales. For these operators alternative formats to MOVIN will not be accepted.

It is also desirable that the operators who carry out manual accounting migrate to the program that mechanises the movements, in such a way that the integration of the information can be simpler, faster and minimises errors.

The Control Board, at a plenary session on 10 February 2017 decided to remind about mandatory reporting of these operations and the need for those who use the “MOVIN” program to use it to send the information instead of alternative formats, which require subsequent processing, with the consequent delay in obtaining sales figures.

In the same session, the Plenary also decided that the statement of operations abroad was to serve as a basis for participating in promotional activities in specific countries, except when actions are directed to wineries without a distributor or presence in the market. Likewise, it will also serve as a basis for participating in tastings that require a presence in the local market.

If the statement does not appear in the system, participation in the activity or tasting will not be admitted, even if evidence that the commercialization has actually taken place is reliably supplied with backing documents.

Logroño, 10 February 2017.



José María Daroca Rubio