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A family winery bequeathed with much effort and work, which continues to produce high quality wines with success.

Bodegas Alonso Gonzalez is a family winery, whose beginnings go back to 1980, when "grandfather Juaquín Zuñeda and grandmother María Nieves Estibaliz" with 10 ha. of vineyard they begin to dedicate themselves to the elaboration of wines and their commercialization with Denomination of Origin Rioja, being at the moment their grandson Carlos Alonso Zuñeda the one who continues with great success this work.

It is in 1982 when Maria Pilar Zuñeda and her husband Carlos Alonso Gonzalez decide to dedicate all their efforts to continue with this tradition, shaping their dream by planting 5 hectares of vineyards and building the new winery located in the town of Ábalos.

In 1990 it was when Carlos Alonso Gonzalez and Carlos Alonso Zuñeda Jr. created the CANTAURI brand and began the development of new young wines.

In 1996 the construction of the aging ship begins, which will pay off in 1998, starting a new journey for the development of crianzas, reservas and grandes reservas.

Nowadays, his son Carlos Alonso Zuñeda is the one who continues with great success this work from moderate productions, practically manual, extreme vigilance of the vineyard and selection of the grape; and with the most advanced technology, that is why every year our wines have been recognized for their quality, both in the national and international markets.

Bodegas Alonso Gonzalez has an area of ​​600 m2 with the most advanced technology, equipped with the best stainless steel facilities to control fermentation with all the guarantees of quality and hygiene, which allow from the first moment a careful and careful process reception of the grape and elaboration of our wines keeping the elaboration of traditional form.

Our annual capacity is 180,000 liters, of which 70% is destined for young wine, 25% for crianzas, reservas and grandes Reservas, and 5% for rosés and white wines.

Nowadays we have a warehouse for 700 french and american oak barrels of 225 liters each one of them in an underground space where the environmental conditions are ideal for the development of the best qualities.

Our vineyards are located in the towns of Ábalos and Samaniego where they are at an altitude and latitude of 520m to 580 meters above sea level, protected on the right bank by the Ebro River and on the left bank by the Sierra de Cantabria, that together with the existing micro-climate, make this area ideal for the development of an excellent vineyard; with clay-calcareous soils.

In order to obtain the best wines, we dedicate our first effort to the care of our own vineyards and the selection of grapes, as a key element of all processes.

Our vineyards occupy an area of ​​24.2 hectares, with an average age of 45 years, of which 90% is of the Tempranillo variety, 5% of the White Viura variety and 5% of other varieties.